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Ancient Egypt
Pharaohs And Mummies


Pharaohs were the kings of Ancient Egypt, considered gods on earth. They were considered to be the god Horus in human form. Pharaohs had people kiss the earth under their feet because they were so important. They were buried in a pyramid with all their jewels and the things they used when they were alive. Tutankhamun was the only Pharaoh whose tomb was not robbed by grave robbers.



Khufu has the biggest pyramid. He is also known as Cheops.

Pepi II


Pepi II ruled for 94 years - a world record!



The Sphinx has the head of Khafre. Khafre was the son of Khufu and had the second biggest pyramid.



Tutankhamun was crowned Pharaoh when he was about 10 years old! He was not a very important Pharaoh but is very important today because his tomb was the only one which the grave robbers hadn't found. His tomb was filled with the most beautiful sculptures, toys and other things he owned. His gold tomb casket had over 100 kg (over 200 pounds) of gold and blue lapis lazuli.



Hapshepsut had herself crowned king and got herself called His Majesty and wore mens clothes and wore a false beard. She ruled from 1490 to 1468BC.

Rameses II


Rameses II (also known as Rameses the Great) was a very great warrior. He had many statues made of himself. He must have been very vain!


Egyptians wanted to carry on living after they died. They did this by turning the body into a mummy, protecting the mummy in a tomb and giving the mummy food and drink (or pictures of food and drink). Then the dead person went into the underworld with Anubis to get their heart weighed against the feather of Maat (an ostrich feather). If the heart was lighter than the feather (because they had led a good life) they would have eternal life in the fields of peace. If the heart was heavier (because they had led a bad life) the soul would be eaten by the she-demon.

These were the steps of mummification:

(a) The internal organs were removed, mummified and put in canopic jars and kept with the mummy
(b) Then the body was packed and covered with natron (salty substance) and left for 50 days
(c) Then the body cavity was filled with resin to restore the shape of the dead person
(d) Lastly the body was then tightly wrapped in many layers of linen and covered in good luck charms. This might take another 15 days. After the wrapping was complete the body was put in a shroud.
The whole process took about 70 days.


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