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Ancient Egypt
Daily Life

Most people in ancient Egypt were farmers. But there were also priests, priestesses, scribes, artisans, embalmers, and of course the Pharaoh.


These pictures show harvesting of wheat, corn or barley. Bread was the main part of the Ancient Egyptian's diet. The bread was cooked in clay ovens on open fires. The wealthy ate the bread on dishes made from bronze, silver and gold. Ingredients to flavour the bread were herbs, sesame seeds, honey, fruits and butter.

The priests (like the Chief Priest at the right) had a very important role in Ancient Egypt. They were sometimes so important that they became pharaohs. The priests were in charge of ceremonies to ensure the goodwill of the gods. Once a priest had the job he/she wanted to keep it.

Scribes (like the one on the right) were also very important in Ancient Egypt. They were the people skilled in writing and mathematics. They mainly wrote on Papyrus, or a form of paper, which the Ancient Egyptians invented. They kept detailed records of all sorts of things, which helped with planning. Scribes sometimes had a connection with artists, who were also very important.

In Ancient Egypt kids had a very different life from the life we have today. They usually did not go to school, unless they were studying to be a priest or scribe, in which case their dad usually taught them. Sons of farmers would help their dads in the fields. But they would play games like leapfrog, or a form of hockey, just like we do today. They also had toys like the mechanical toy cat in the picture, and board games like "senet" and ball games shown in the pictures were enjoyed by everyone. (Tutankahamun had four sets of "senet" in his tomb!)







The Egyptians wanted to dress all the same. Both men and women wore jewellery. The men wore a skirt or kilt and the women wore a full dress held together by two straps. Both were made out of white linen and it was thought that cotton and wool were unclean.


Cosmetics were also a matter of hygiene. The two main items were Kohl which was black paint and this was made from some sort of lead. The second item is a green pigment, malachite which is made from Copper.

Cosmetics were used on Tomb paintings as well.


Adornments were also popular and were used by both men and women



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