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Ancient Egypt

Hieroglyphics are the writing of Ancient Egypt

Hieroglyphics developed like this:

PICTOGRAMS - a pictogram is a picture eg a picture of hair represents hair


IDEOGRAMS: The next stage is an ideogram

An ideogram is a picture that represents an idea e.g. A picture of hair represents beauty.

The third and last stage is when a picture represents a sound e.g. "th + picture of hair" represents "there"

TH +





What is the famous Rosetta Stone?


It was a stone on which was three languages: Daily Egyptian writing, Greek writing and Hieroglyphics. A man called Champollion deciphered hieroglyphics using this stone in 1799AD.

The Rosetta Stone is about 1 metre (3 1/2 feet) high, nearly a metre (3 1/2 feet)wide and a third of a metre (1 foot) thick.

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